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Quartz crystals are my very favorite energy tools, plus being good friends, companions and teachers. Part of what I know about crystals they taught me themselves.  So – about centering using a crystal, from the crystal world’s perspective…

Crystals are windows into the balanced energy of the universe. So you can help yourself to balance to these peaceful centered realms by working with a crystal – either a single point (directs energy in one direction), double-terminated (conducts energy both directions), or globe (distributes energy in a 360 degree manner). Once you master these three basic forms, there are many, many energetic variations determined by the quality of the crystal, other minerals within the crystal, and the shape of the crystal.

It is important when working with crystals to keep them clear – they absorb energies in the effort to transform them, and we can help them to be more effective by cleansing via leaving overnight on sea salt then rinsing them in the morning, or leaving them out in a thunderstorm, or cleansing with incense.

Centering using a crystal point

Lying down, place a crystal on your third eye. Line it up vertically so that a single point is facing up, or a double-terminated point is facing up/down. Relax and feel the energy of the crystal absorb into your own energy field, like it is melting into your field. When you do identify with the crystal in this manner, you will soon notice your own energy is flowing and shifting. You will discover that you have been using your personal energy in some way that could be better optimized if it was balanced and aligned properly. Let the energies flow, until they stop and align themselves. Rest in that position for awhile – if you go to sleep, that is okay, your energy field is absorbing the corrections (like an energetic chiropractic correction).

Repeat this exercise every day for a week. As you do this, observe how differently the energy is moving each day. Whether it is because you encountered different situations that day, or the crystal energy has balanced the major issues and is now working to deeper and deeper levels – you will observe differences. This is good, because it is proof that the crystal is affecting your energy in an intelligent manner.

After a week, cleanse the crystal well by resting it overnight on sea salt, then rinsing it in the morning and disposing of the salt (which has leeched out “gunk” in the crystal). Then move on to another chakra and repeat the exercise….and repeat…..You’ll start to feel a major improvement in your personal energy.

Centering via a crystal sphere

There are many ways to work with a crystal sphere. Here is one that helps with centering.

Rose Quartz Sphere - 2 1/2"A sphere is usually carved and shaped, it is not a natural form. It is tailoring energy in 360 degrees. Some spheres are very clear – and expensive. Others have forms inside – and are less expensive. Both are useful; you can use either for this exercise.

Sit down and place the globe, on an unobtrusive stand, in front of you. Just sit and stare at the sphere. Begin to identify with its energy. Then, slowly or quickly, see your whole self shrinking in size and moving into the sphere, finally sitting at its core. Rest there peacefully for a few moments. Then start feeling the crystal energy all around you: you are in the center of a star tetrahedron that you can see in that form, or spinning into a merkabah (ball of light) or sitting inside the crystal energy with the inclusions of the crystal swirling around you.

This is a remarkably safe feeling: you are being protected by the crystal energy, it is surrounding you, it is solid reality – and it has a finite end, a boundary, just like the human aura has layers. Feel the crystal energy resting inside your aura, as a solid form of balanced energy.

When you feel ready, come back out, feel yourself separate from the crystal sphere – yet retaining the crystalline protection in your own body.

When you practice this often enough, you will be able to call the crystal energy to surround you at will.

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