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The Celtic Ogham (Ogam) Alphabet dates back at least to the first century A.D. The Ogam is a divinatory system that has connections to the Runes, the Chinese I Ching, Geomancy, and other systems. Each of these systems originated at about the same time and deal with receiving answers to the energies working in and within ones body.

The modern day revival of Ogam relies heavily on what Ogam script remains, or on historical writings of many of the ancient scholars. Through his book The White Goddess, Robert Graves helped to reintroduce the system. 

These staves can be drawn individually, or placed in the current reading patterns which exist for the many types of divination.

There was a famous Celtic hero by the name of Finn Mac Cumhaill who created a war shield made of Hazel and painted the Tree Alphabet upon it in relation to the four directions. As someone who works with the Native American Wheel, as well as other wheels, this intrigued me. Based upon Finn’s shield, I am developing a medicine wheel that can be used in a visionary or journeying fashion to determine ones present situation, as well as what one needs to do to enhance or correct the situation.

We recommend your checking out Ogam: The Celtic Oracle of the Trees by Paul Rhys Mountfort, available on our website.

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