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We are fully in an era of sensory overload. One of the additional reasons is the prevalence of so many electronic devices who are commandeering frequencies previously exclusively used by the human body or by nature to run various of its own operations. It is going to take us all time to learn how to share, and more work needs to be done with machines to teach them to share as well – work for technicians and for interdimensional communicators.

cell phoneA customer sent us a letter complaining about our asking her to end her cell phone call – she was dealing with a crisis of a relative and also shopping for stones. We have a no cell phone policy in our store. She is a nice, courteous person. But her distress made me realise that this new technology is evolving without any rules of common courtesy – and often of safety.

Here is some of what I explained to this lovely lady:

It is disturbing in a store as small and quiet and energy sensitive as ours to have people on cell phones. Conversations can be heard everywhere. What often occurs is that a person comes in arguing or dealing with a crisis, and is spraying that energy all around them including into the stones, as well as is talking more loudly than they realize. That means everything and everyone in the store becomes involved in their crisis.

We have found that our society’s use of cell phones has not evolved in a gracious manner, and it affects our store energy adversely, so we have pro-actively established policies for everyone’s benefit. We have to set up an environment that is fair to all our customers. That is why people like our store: it is peaceful.

We believe that personal conversations should be personal; that is a nicety that is being tested in these days by people using cell phones everywhere. Cell phone use in public gathering locations by people dealing with crises occurs, alas, way too often. We have found that it changes the energy of our very little store into one filled with distress, and it also causes the other customers to leave because they cannot shop in peace. AND the disturbed energy stays after the cellphone customer leaves, because it has been trapped in the stones the customer has been picking up while involved in their cell phone conversation. We are an energy store, and we promise good energy resources to our customers. So we have found we must do a round of energy clearing after such situations, to get the store back to its peaceful state.

 I myself almost died from too many electronic devices around, and my manager has extended hearing so she can actually hear the cell phone waves. So we have the cell phone rule for our staff’s personal sanity as well.

There needs to be policies set for cell phone use; if this does not occur through informal social agreement, then these need to be set by groups being affected by the issue. The government is finding there are too many accidents caused by people wanting to talk or text while driving, the medical community is finding cell phone use causes serious health issues in some people, and we find that cell phone use interferes with our store’s ability to properly meet our customers’ subtle energetic needs.

To our readers: Let’s dialogue on your feelings and experiences in this matter!

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