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Carnelian has been a favored stone for millennia. This stone decorated ancient tombs as jewelry and as a talisman of protection. One of the power stones of earth, it has a kind, warming energy that connects to the earth and sun.

Full of life force energy and vitality, carnelian improves analytical abilities and helps you check your views on issues and brings them into focus. This stone is good for those who wish to increase their concentration, as well as banish emotional negativity. Carnelian helps to promote positive life changes, courage, and motivation with the ability to ground and anchor you in the present.

This stone is a powerful protector against envy, rage, and resentment. Carnelian is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind.  It can activate the root chakra, stimulate the metabolism, and cleanse other stones.

Carry carnelian to attract luck and prosperity; it is a talisman for success.Place this stone by your front door to invite abundance in and provide protection.

Historical Folklore

Carnelian was used by ancient warriors to provide courage and physical power in battle.

In ancient Mesopotamia, carnelian and jasper were tied around the wrists of newborns to fight off disease.

Legend says the Prophet Mohammed wore this stone mounted on silver inscribed with Allah’s name.

In ancient times, this stone was buried with the dead to help protect them on their journey into the afterlife.


Carnelian is a semi-precious gemstone. It is a form of cryptocrystalline quartz which also includes types of agate, onyx, and jasper. This stone is typically found in red, orange and pink hues.Carnelian Circle Pendant

Chakra Association

This stone connects to the root and sacral chakras.


You can place this stone in full moon moonlight to energize. It can also be moved through sage smoke or incense, placed in rice, or buried in the earth overnight.

Astrological Association

This stone is associated with Taurus, Cancer, and Leo.

Health Folklore

Carnelian is thought to bring a sense of vitality that emboldens physical strength and stamina. It also is believed to support the metabolism and reproductive organs.

Disclaimer: Crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore are not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor or licensed medical practitioner for all health issues.

Carnelian at Crystal Life

We hand-select all our stones here at Crystal Life. After hundreds of thousands of years in the earth, they are eager to begin work with their new human partners! When stones arrive at Crystal Life they are welcomed warmly by staff members and the store’s resident nature spirits. The stones are energetically cleared on a regular basis, to help them maintain their own inherent peaceful characteristics and personalities while being visited by so many store guests.

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