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Black Tourmaline Qualities

Black tourmaline is foremost a stone of protection and purification. These are the primary qualities that the tourmaline family of stones exhibit. Other forms of tourmaline vary in color and metaphysical properties.

black tourmaline - raw

Raw Black Tourmaline Pieces

A Spiritual Conduit and Protector

As you progress on your spiritual path and understand your boundaries, you are able to establish the qualities that these stones exemplify. Your desires and intents, when respectfully applied to a black tourmaline stone, will amplify the stone’s energies, creating a strong shield of balance and protection against negativity.

Black tourmaline is one of the most effective means of emotional and energetic protection during the holiday season. You may have many house guests this time of year, each one of them carrying all sorts of energy into your home. Black tourmaline will help absorb the negativity and stress of anyone who enters your living space. It also offers protection from harmful technological fields such as EMF, RF, cell phone, microwave, X-ray, and Wi-Fi.

Practical Uses

When using black tourmaline on yourself, it may be worn as a necklace, a bracelet, or carried in your pocket. It can also be placed in an area in which you are instinctively drawn to use it. In this way, it may be used as a stone of purification and cleansing harmful discordant energies. Black tourmaline will have altered healing properties when paired with other minerals and stones. Black tourmaline and selenite are a perfect combination of stones for protection and purification.

black tourmaline - tu

Tumbled Black Tourmaline

If you are struggling with trying to sell your house, black tourmaline can be an excellent stone to use around the home to bring balance and harmony back into the energetic environment of the space. A variety of combinations of stones may be used to achieve positive results in a living space as well. The energy may clear up so well that you might decide to stay!

Grid for the Home

Here is a simple home grid layout:

Place four black tourmaline stones at each corner of the house, inside or outside. If placed outside, they can be buried in the ground or rest above the ground. Place selenite against each of the four walls. If one side of the house seems to feel uncomfortable or negative, place a dowsing rod against the outside foundation of that wall and another at the opposite side of the house (East-West). This will cause the negative energy to bounce over the house, leaving the space between the rods with only clean energy. When all of these methods are used together, it will strongly balance, protect, and stabilize the energy within the house. These methods may also be done at the edges of the property if the energy of your yard is in need of balancing.

Black Tourmaline at Crystal Life

Crystal Life offers black tourmaline in a variety of sizes and shapes, for all your energy protection needs. Check out our tumbled stones, raw specimens, jewelry, and dowsing rods. If you enjoyed this blog article, we welcome you to subscribe to receive blog notifications at the bottom of this page.

Selenite Pendant with Black Tourmaline

Selenite Pendant with Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline-Mica-Matrix

Black Tourmaline, Mica, and Quartz

Black Tourmaline Bracelet | Crystal Life

Black Tourmaline Bracelet









This article was originally published in 2018.

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