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According to the Webster dictionary, grounded is to be in a place of centered awareness. Awareness of your body, awareness of your emotions, awareness of your environment, etc. I think of being grounded as being in my body and being present in the moment. Throughout the day as my list of to-dos gets longer, I realized that I needed quick grounding techniques to bring me back to the present moment. The following is a list of techniques I have found helpful:

1. Stand up and stomp your feet.

2. Put your hands together in front of your heart and put slight pressure on the two middle fingers. Then breath in and out deeply 3 to 5 times or until you feel a sense of calm.

3. While sitting imagine roots growing out of your feet and into the ground. Imagine that the roots are going through the earth’s crust and deep into the earth. Connect your roots to the core of mother earth. Then feel the warm, orange molten rock energy coming up the roots into your body. The war orange energy warms your feet and travels up your legs to eventually fill your entire body.

Black Tourmaline Pendant | Raw | Bezel4. Take your shoes off and walk on the grass.

5. Say to your self, ” I am HERE NOW” to bring your attention back to whar you are doing.

6. Carry a ground stone and hold it while putting your intention on being grounded.

7. Meditate with a stone that helps to ground you.

There are many stones that can help you ground.



Aragonite helps you feel comfortable in your body.

Yellow Calcite used with unakite helps you keep your energy field clear while remaining stable even during all the earth changes.

Galena is very grounding and so is Hematite.

Black tourmaline is protective and grounding.

Pyrite helps you feel centered and present.

I do not recommend using all of the stones at once as not all these crystals go well together, as is the case with hematite and black tourmaline(the tourmaline allows negativity to flow through and out and the hematite puts up a block).

Each stone works with each individual differently. It is best to come in and see which one works best for you.


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