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The mystical Kabbalah, as we know it today, has its origin far back in the ancient Jewish tradition. It is said to have been taught to the angels who then taught it to Adam. It was then passed on to the Patriarchy of Judaism (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Noah), and from there to the prophets of the present day.

In the time of the Prophet Ezekiel, it was called “Ezekiel’s Merkava Mysticism”. This was his Chariot vision of God on his throne. In the time of Jesus, the Kabbalah began to develop into the form we are now familiar with, with the Tree of Life as its focal point. In the 12th and 13th century C.E. it began to be called the Kabbalah and became a cohesive mystical spiritual path. The path that it teaches is made up of 32 paths concerned with one’s return to Source.

The underlying principle of the Kabbalah is its understanding of the beginning of things, of the act of creation itself, and its ongoing evolutionary process.


Components of the Kabbalah

The main component of the Kabbalah is the Tree of Life symbology. It consists of the 10 Sefirot (or spheres) and the 22 connecting pathways. Each sphere is an attribute of God-Source with a name of God attached to it, as well as archangels and groups of angels.

The invisible roots of the tree consist of the following:

  1. Ain – nothing or no-thingness. The un-manifest and undifferentiated source of nothing and everything.
  2. The Ain Soph – the infinite and timeless aspect of God-source.
  3. The Ain Soph Aur – the endless light of the infinite source, the divine fullness of the emptiness.

From this come the ten emanations or spheres that emanate from that source into the Tree of Life. The first emanation is:

  1. Keter – the undifferentiated light of source.
  2. Chochmah – wisdom, the pure unmanifested thought of source; the father.
  3. Binah – the creative aspect which manifests thought; the mother.
  4. Chesed – the sphere of loving-kindness and mercy.
  5. Gevurah – the sphere of judgment and strength.
  6. Tiferet – the heart of the tree; beauty and compassion.
  7. Netzach – the sphere of victory dealing with emotion.
  8. Hod – the sphere of glory.
  9. Yesod – the sphere of foundation. All the light of the Sefirot coalesces into Yesod and passes into the last Sefirot.
  10. Malchut – the kingdom Sefirot, or the physical plane; the Earth, the solar system, galaxies and the universe.

These only give us a glimpse of Source. Da’at, although not a visible Sefirot and not counted among the 10, is knowledge or primal thought.

It is from this point that we begin our search and return to Source.

The Kabbalah in Your Life

Tree of Life Crystal Grid

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