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witness pendulums

Witness Pendulums

Dowsing is the ancient art of finding water, minerals, and other objects. Our task here is to use the pendulum or dowsing rods to ask pertinent questions to important issues in our lives. These answers exist somewhere in the universe and using the pendulum connects us to those answers.

First you will want to center yourself, clearing any distracting energies from your field. Secondly, you will ask the pendulum, or rods this question, ‘May I’ ‘Can I’ ‘Should I’ use the pendulum for this purpose at this time. Any no response to any part of this question requires that you go no further.

If you received a yes on all, then you may continue. Be sure that you are clear in asking.

For example: “I have two job interviews, should I go to both of them?”

The response may be an “I don’t know” or a confused movement. If this occurs, rephrase your question. “Should I go to job interview A? Should I go to job interview B?”

With practice, you will be able to find lost objects, get information on foods/diet, or the correct answers to other needs. I would caution you to ask only serious questions as any other disrespects the pendulum and or connecting energies.

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