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Country Road in Autumn - Card There are many roads one will travel in a lifetime.  None can be termed right or wrong as they are all paths of learning – some specific, others seemingly accidental. They may be spiritual paths, and they may not be. Each is, however, the one you are on at the time.

Many times we will find ourselves moving forward in what we believe is the correct path, striving for that higher purpose, or just trying to survive. Our thoughts will be around being centered and in balance.

There will then be times when we find ourselves on another road, perhaps of anger, self-centeredness, personal agendas or other seemingly unbalanced ways. Everyone is striving for a level of understanding. Life many times directs us from one path to another; there are many lessons to be learned. Our task, then, is not only to find the balance but also the harmony along the way.

Regardless of one’s background, whether religious, faith based, belief based, spiritual or other, we are taught within that framework how to achieve our goals. There is the meditation where we learn breathing and centering, achieving balance as a way to stay on path. The “problem” being that we are often tripped, and our focus becomes off. It is necessary for that to happen, however. Blinders cannot be worn to keep us looking ahead nor can we just look upwards. One who is looking up may stumble and those looking ahead will miss something important. We are asked in life to look, learn and experience the many ways that come in front of us.

When walking the Red/Black road, or the Christian Narrow/Broad road, the idea is to be centered. This will not exclude any other cultural path. One may then state, “Ok! I am here, however, I need to be there. What is it that I need to understand before I can move on down the road?” Some may say to you that you are wrong and are not doing the right thing or are not on the right path. The problem, here again, is that we each have a path, and it is ours. All lessons are not equal, and we will each experience our own lessons differently. There is no truly right or wrong way to achieve enlightenment. Many great spiritual people have had difficulty along their way.

We are taught the necessity of achieving balance in our lives. This is a great benefit but difficult at most. For example – the Great Wallendas (world famous tight rope walkers) understand the necessity of balance in their line of work. Walking ropes at great height requires great balance and focus. There are many difficulties that they encounter along the way. They are affected by wind, slippery rope, missteps but concentration and focus allows them to gain their goal.

While balance is important, harmony is the greater of the two. With balance there is a certain friction of opposites which may tip the scale. Harmony, on the other hand, allows for smoother results. Harmony will bring about a greater understanding of the situation at hand. So balance with its pros and cons is necessary. But with harmony you will understand and accept the differences, becoming more accepting of a situation and of others. Balance brings tolerance with its delicate nature of falling one way or the other while harmony brings greater understanding and acceptance of others’ paths and ways.

The next time you are angry, upset, or experience another emotion, strive to both balance and harmonize it. You will find it easier to achieve your path or road.


This blog post was originally published in 2013. 

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