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April Birthstones

The ancient Romans called April “Aprilis” – to open, perhaps a reference to the blossoming of nature during this first full month of spring.  April has been traditionally represented by four birthstones. Today. we subscribe to the idea that a birthstone is for those born during the month. Fairy Stars Bracelet - Sapphire However, for a time in history all people wore the birthstone of the month because it was believed to offer benefits to everyone. Here are the four stones associated with April. 


Modern birthstones came about in the early twentieth century when the various gemstone societies chose new stones to be used as birthstones in jewelry. 


The diamond is the modern birthstone for April in the US, UK, and India, as well the ancient Ayurvedic birthstone. A stone of purity, it brings love and clarity to relationships…helping to bond partnerships. A sign of commitment and trust into relationship and situations. 

Clear Quartz

 This is an alternative to the diamond birthstone is Great Britain. Clear Quartz is also known as the King of Quartz, it is also known as the master healer. Ancients believed that these crystals took a breath every one hundred years. Clear Quartz opens the mind and the heart to higher guidance. 


Phantom Quartz Generator

Quartz Generators

Most traditional birthstones date back to around the 15th century. It was during this time that the color of the birthstone was more important, which allowed all people to take advantage of the month blessings without having to have an exact stone.


The sapphire is the traditional birthstone for April. Blue sapphire heightens intuition, mental clarity, and your spiritual power, which together can assist in personal and spiritual growth. 


Ancient birthstones can be traced back thousands of years. Typically originating in Tibet or for use in Ayurvedic healing practices. 


This is the ancient Tibetan birthstone for April. A symbol of hope and purity to the ancient Romans, opal inspires love, luck, and happiness. Opal soothes and clears the physical body, it illuminates positive emotions and helps you to release outgrown issues and emotions to Source. 

Daisy GeometryApril Birthflower

The birth flower for the month of April is the Daisy. 

The beautiful daisy has been enjoyed around the world since ancient times. Found in art, the ancient Assyrians believed using water with daisy essence could change your grey back to the original color. 

Daisies signal that the spirits of nature are close at hand, especially fairies and elves. Take this as signal to open your self to the energy of the fae and the other nature spirits of their realm. 

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