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Turritella Agate

Connect to the past – your ancestry, homeland, the land where your ancestors are from. Because of this, Turritella Agate is known as the Turritella Agate Pendant - Circle 1" record keeper. Use this stone when you wish to learn about past cultures, past societies, even past lives. Like other agates, Turritella has a connection to the plants and nature.

Having a revitalizing energy, Turritella Agate helps with luck, perspective, and outlook in life.  Turritella protects during transitions. Helps you to see how you have won, regardless of the outcome

Traditional folk medicine

For fatigue, soothing the stomach, assimilating nutrients.

Agate Family Properties

The agate family has thousands of members. The key aspects of agate are bands of microscopic crystals. These bands make stable, nurturing crystals that have strong energy. Agates help you to heal emotions such as repressed anger, bitterness, and emotional trauma. These are good stones for those who are willing to put in the work so they can have a strong foundation to start again. Agate aligns the mind, body, spirit, and psyche to help you center and feel calm.