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Located at the tip of the tail bone, the root chakra is about survival, stability, and security. When the root chakra is functioning properly, one feels vibrant, secure and courageous.   If you have been told, “you need to be more grounded,” the first chakra you would look at and work with is your root chakra.  There are many stones that assist with opening, balancing, and clearing the root chakra.  The key is to find which stone works for you on an individual basis.

Black tourmaline helps to clear the root chakra of old energetic and emotional debris, clearing the way for new energy to flow through.

Banded Agate assists one in feeling secure and assists in releasing repressed emotions.

Boji stones come in a male/female pair, helping to balance the body.  They gently but firmly grounds the spiritual body into the physical body.

Dalmatian Jasper is another option when working with the root chakra.  It can help to open the base and earth chakras while grounding and centering the body.

Aragonite assists in stabilizing and centering within the physical body.  It is a very calming stone.

Specularite which can also be known as specular hematite helps one manifest their unique spirit on earth.

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