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Let’s take a look back at a previous post about ways nature can teach us lessons in our history:

Rocks and trees are living records of the history of our world. They can be examined in so many ways, to learn about the world and the universe.

Examining the trunk of a tree can produce an awareness of the variety of life forms within this universe. Its shape and images therein reveal what life in other dimensions looks like. Trees stand between the worlds – hence the image of root, trunk and branches representing this bridging that is so popular in many traditions, pagan nature honoring to Kabbalistic esoteric geometry.

In my book We Are Not Alone I discuss how our universe is one huge merkabah, or geometric light form, in which layer upon layer of merkabahs nest and link together. We are ourselves, in our body, a collection of merkabah families joined together in union for a common purpose – our skeletal system, heart, head, hands, feet, and so on, all agreeing to join to sustain this amazing vehicle for spirit, our human body. Our human form is also a part of increasingly larger units – other of our own lifetimes, other of our own “faces” in our soul family as it proceeds through ever higher levels of spirit, and ever less physical form, back to source.

The ProtectorWe can see this nesting of form in many images in trees and rocks. I have enclosed two samples here.

This one (left)shows a smiling tree spirit whose right eye is focusing on protecting a piece of land (my brother’s) in northern New Hampshire and whose left or spirit eye is showing the spirit protecting and enfolding the tree spirit’s energy – look upper photo right to see the spirit inside a strong ring of energy – its merkabah, or aura.

Nature Spirit Trio - Starved RockThis photo (right) shows one of a family of boulders protecting a beautiful and powerful glen that is in Starved Rock State Park, Illinois. It has three images in it, and it requires you adjusting your focus to see all three. There is, at its top left point, a stern, older wise greenman looking out to the left. His image is part of a larger image that covers the top of the boulder, of an ape-like being. The significance of apes as an evolutionary step in our planet’s evolution, and the continued presence of ape spirit, is seen in many rock and tree images. It is one distinct, but not the only, line of evolution present on earth. Beneath the ape head with greenman inside it is another type of image often found in rocks – that of the “familiar” or “vehicle” or “companion” of the key image. Secondary in energy to the key figure, it apparently keeps the key figure company, a companion who serves it in some way. Notice while the spirit companion in the first photo is above, inspiring the main figure; in the second photo the companion is below, facing us directly, flashing its white eyes at us and issuing a warning as it protects the greenman.

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