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Super Seven

Super Seven

Super Seven Specimens

Super Seven is a stone of higher consciousness. Comprised of the minerals that make up seven other gemstones, Super Seven is also known as Melody’s Stone. A combination of amethyst, clear quartz, smokey quartz, rutile, geothite, lepidocrocite, and cacoxinite makes this a powerful stone that is much sought after.

Super Seven aligns, balances, energizes the chakras and the aura to the highest vibration and raises the vibration of any crystal in it’s vicinity.  When you take the time to attune yourself to Super Seven, it can help your connection to the spiritual realm much stronger. Amplifies intuition, useful to those working to develop seeing auras, and has strong grounding properties. Super Seven helps you to remember why you are here, what your role is in this lifetime, and how you can live your life so you meet this goal. This stone helps you embrace your soul’s highest purpose and discover how to warmly accept your divine purpose.

Super Seven Geology

Super Seven is from Brazil.

Super Seven & the Chakras

All chakras benefit from Super Seven


Never needs to be cleansed or energized.

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