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A stone of strength and protection, Sardonyx asks you to live at your highest levels of morality, in word and in conduct. This stone harmonizes the outer environment which surrounds you and helps to strengthen your character by promoting integrity and virtuous conduct. 

Use Sardonyx when you are looking for positive friendships and are needing some good fortune. It also is said to help you find and attain lasting happiness and bring stability to relationships and partnerships. 

On a spiritual level, Sardonyx helps you to find a meaningful existence. 

Sardonyx has been a birthstone for July, August, and September over the millennia. 

Chakra Association

Earth star, base, and sacral chakra. 

Astrological Association

If your sun is in Virgo, sardonyx is your astrological birth stone. This stone helps you to stay in touch with integrity and virtuous conduct, values of the sign of Virgo. Sardonyx helps you to heighten your mental capabilities, especially your logical thought. 

Health FolkloreCosmic Wings Portal Pendant

Helps the lungs, bones, and sensory organs. 

Balances fluids and cell metabolism. 

Strengthens the immune system. 

Disclaimer:  Crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore are not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor licensed medical practitioner for all health issues.

Sardonyx at Crystal Life

All of our stones are hand-selected by Crystal Life President,  Atala Toy. After hundreds of thousands of years in the earth, they are eager to begin work with their new human partners! When stones arrive at Crystal Life, they are welcomed warmly by staff members and the store’s resident nature spirits. The stones are energetically cleared on a regular basis, to help them maintain their own inherent peaceful characteristics and personalities while being visited by so many store guests.

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