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Hematite Meditation Bracelet. Protection


Hematite Meditation Bracelets permit varying energy fields to peacefully co-exist without interfering with each other; this quality also helps individuals to peacefully follow their own unique paths without interference from others. Wearing a hematite meditation bracelet provides grounding and protects you on the vital and subtle energetic levels. Hematite is a base chakra stone.


15 in stock


15 in stock

Hematite Meditation Bracelet

Crystal Life’s hematite meditation bracelets are handcrafted of large 8 mm beads (the size of a chickpea) on clear, strong stretch cord. It comes in two sizes: regular (7″) and large, or men’s (8″). Meditation bracelets have a count ranging from 21 to 24 beads and are meant to snugly fit the wrist.

A meditation bracelet, also known as a power bracelet, is meant to empower you with the gemstone energy and is based on prayer beads. It is sometimes used as a more informal way to count prayers and hold those prayers in your energy field throughout the day. The stones are the same as, and match, those used in Crystal Life’s large malas and misbaha.

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