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Citrine Points


Citrine points energize every level of life;  they bring sunshine, joy, prosperity, auric protection and self-confidence. Citrine helps overcome depression and fortifies the nerves. 


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Citrine Points

Citrine brings sunshine, joy, prosperity, auric protection, self-confidence and energizes every level of life. Citrine is known as The Merchants Stone, citrine is a stone that is associated with abundance and prosperity consciousness, which helps you to manifest prosperity on all levels of life If you have a business, it is advised that you keep a tiny piece of citrine in your cash register drawer to attract sales. For everyone, place a piece of citrine in your wallet to attract prosperity. 

This stone helps raise self-esteem, promotes confidence, and helps you to love yourself for who you are, not what you own or what your career entails. Citrine never needs cleansing. In fact, it helps to cleanse other stones. Overcomes depression, fortifies nerves. A good luck stone. 

Citrine Folklore | History

 Folk medicine: digestion, vision, circulation of blood. 

Citrine Geology

Citrine is amethyst that has been heated by the earth. Natural citrine is a rare occurrence in nature. 

Citrine Chakra Association


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