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Sacred Geometry

Much of Crystal Life’s line of products is based on sacred geometry. We define this as aligning with the creation light fields that underly all matter. This manifests in the sacred symbols of many cultures, and we suggest you visit those areas of our website to see them in detail – yantras, chakras, Maiori, Celtic and Tibetan knots, the cross, etc. Here we show you the hard core geometries underlying all these more solid forms.

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  • Double Fibonacci Spiral Card

    All Double Fibonacci Spiral Products – Heart Image

  • Fibonacci Spiral Card

    All Fibonacci Spiral Products – Classic Design

  • All Flower of Life Products

    All Flower of Life Products

  • All Metatron's Cube Products

    All Metatron’s Cube Products

  • Sri Yantra Products

    All Sri Yantra Products

  • All Torus Products

    All Torus Products

  • Ammonite Pairs

    Ammonite Pairs

  • Ammonite Specimens

    Ammonite Specimens

  • Arcygama Star Pendant

    Arcygama Star Pendant

  • Art Coaster – Creation – Color

  • Art Coaster - Creation Mandala

    Art Coaster – Creation Mandala

  • Fibonacci Spiral Coaster

    Art Coaster – Fibonacci Spiral