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Mangano Sphere

Mangano Sphere

Mangano Calcite is a heart crystal in contact with angelic realm. Offers forgiveness, releases fear & grief. A stone of forgiveness. Releases fear and grief and replaces these with unconditional love. Treats anxiety and other nervous disorders. Soothes those who have suffered from trauma.

Additional information

A lady came into the store with a friend, it seemed as though they weren’t looking for anything specific. Within a few minutes she was standing in front of me with a piece of Mangano Calcite. She explained that it was calling to her, and that she just had to have it. I gave her the stone card with the information explaining the stone. When she read it I could tell in her face that it had struck a chord.

Mangano Calcite helps to release fear and grief and replaces these feelings with unconditional love. Furthermore, it soothes those who have suffered from trauma. She explained that she had recently lost her daughter. The relevance was obvious to both of us. Even though she was unsure how to process this at first and a little bit spooked, she understood the significance and left the store promising to keep the stone in her pocket at all times.