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Gridding is the placement of crystal or gemstones around a building, property, person, or object for protection or various other purposes. The process may also be used for ideas or objectives, in fact, for any purpose.

sunflaire gridIf you think about grids you may include the Native American medicine wheel, Stone Henge, or any other large scale setting up of stones in that process. For our purpose, we are going to discuss smaller scale grids.

One approach you may use is to have your chosen crystals or gemstones and a base to put them on. You may align them in any pattern, circular, square, crossed lines, etc. with one in a central position. Energetically connect each stone to the other with your intent, thus activating the energies. You may place crystals or gemstones at the four corners of your property, your house, or a room.

When searching for a partner or a relationship, choose the appropriate stones, a base (ie. wood), and a piece of paper with your intent or desires of the relationship. Activate the grid and let the energy and the universe work for you.