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Like Daenerys, embrace your dragon energy and rule your own inner kingdom.

Dragon Blood Pendant

Dragon legends can be found all over the world. From England to Utah. Historians have found the description of the dragons to be the same in all the legends throughout time.

We grew up on the stories based around knights saving the princess from the tower guarded by the dragon. All of our lives we have been told these stories, not knowing if myth could be true, and historians today are still solving that dilemma.

In Lord of the rings and Games of Thrones we find dragons to be used as creatures who feel, think, and have the ability to understand humans.

An Australian Jasper, legend saying it is the petrified green skin and red blood of ancient dragons.

The Aborigines believed that Australian dragon was responsible for the development of land, sea, animals, and man. It had the power to control the water; they fit the description of a water dragon. The dragon was called “The Rainbow Serpent.”

Dragons Blood Jasper enhances life force energy, establishes balance, gives you courage to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Soothes nerves, and strengthens your vitality.


Victor van Slee & Sarah Wolfe are staff members at Crystal Life.