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During the Kali Yuga (the age of darkness), from which we are just now emerging and entering into the golden age of spirituality, it was very difficult to see into spirit: matter was too dense. Therefore, one needed to close out the senses to the outside world so that one could focus on the inner world. Around the earth, many different systems were developed to achieve this conscious connection to subtle spirit. People were willing to pay the price of withdrawing from the world, so that they could achieve the goal of connecting to sources of inner knowledge and wisdom.

Today it is quite a different situation. The walls between the dimensions are crumbling, and more and more people are working in awareness that the inner worlds are not empty silent places but are full of life forms and knowledge of many different kinds. We are learning we are not the only conscious life forms in the universe, and these other life forms are not all powerful but are knowledgeable in areas in which we may need to act – just as we are knowledgeable in our dimension – and they may wish our help to achieve some concrete goal on earth.

It is becoming increasingly necessary to achieve conscious contact with these other dimensions. Why? Because we now know of each other’s existance, and our actions are potentially affecting each other. This needs to be done in a consciousness of equality. That is: we are not, as humans, going in as beggars – or as rulers. We are equals in an interdimensional partnership of life forms that come together to achieve goals not achievable by one dimension alone. This contact is achieved through the very same process as meditation – a turning inward, a concentration then blending with the consciousness we are seeking. However, there is an important, primary distinction between interdimensional communication and classical meditation. Interdimensional communication – let’s call it the meditation of action – is active, interactive, and socially responsible.

Today, an interdimensional communicator such as myself can sit down, quiet the mind, and seek out the correct interdimensional life form to communicate with for a specific situation. The interdimensional communicator can see inwardly, and has acquired the knowledge, including through the school of hard knocks, to differentiate the kind of life form who is approaching. Is it a “coyote” trickster spirit speaking, or some being who wants help and to help? What kind of capacity does the life form have? What knowledge? What does it require from me to complete its personal task (which might range from correcting damage to a piece of land to assisting a human being in crisis)? These beings have a threefold reason for contact: they need help, they want to help, or they want to socialize/play.

Notice I have not said “they want to obstruct.” This is because, from the Melchizedek perspective that I adhere to, dark or obstructive forces are, simply put, instruments of the ultimate one source to get a situation corrected and aligned to the one light. The one source is seeking a conscious universe of companions with whom to play! Life forms can come to awareness via the light or the dark, and if the latter, then through a series of hard knocks that get more intense until we learn the lesson they are fighting for us to achieve just as strongly as are the forces of light. Sometimes we have to learn not to put our hand in the fire by putting our hand in the fire! It is not the fire’s fault – it is ours for not listening to those voices who tell us when something is wrong for us personally!

So from this point of view, meditation leads to interdimensional awareness. Interdimensional communication goes beyond meditation, beyond sitting and entering into non-action. It is learning to come into conscious, interactive contact with energies whose homes are in other dimensions. This ability to contact other life forms is limited only by the levels of awareness achieved by the individual; how refined, how aware, how open is the individual to contact with other types of consciousness? Conscious contact will continue clear up into the ultimate source itself – connection with whom the meditator is seeking as well.

As a quick background note: This information is drawn from the Melchizedek world view. As I work with them, the leaders consist of Archangels Metatron, Melchizedek and Michael (the 3Ms as they call themselves), and Thoth (St. Germain and in carnation today as well). They often work with solitary practitioners, as the Melchizedeks serve humanity in our current awakening process. You, too, can be in contact with your own inner team,  who might  be different from this group, and who will teach you what you need to know to make progress. Listen in silence, and learn to sift through the many voices on many planes who are insisting on your attention. As you gradually move closer to your own core of existence, inside your own spiritual heart, the real life forms you are seeking to contact become stronger, and the lesser (for you) voices fall away. The real voices will sincerely tell you how they can assist you – and how they cannot. Ultimately, this is a universe of free will, and you have the ultimate say as to whether and how you will cooperate with any interdimensional beings – including the ultimate source itself, who is the most open of all in this free will structure of interdimensional equality.

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