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Following is information on how to photograph nature spirits – it is a handout I’ve been using at my nature spirit photo classes. Trust it is of use to some of you! Shown here is a before (right) and after (left) of a nature spirit as taken in bright sun, and then adjusted in Photoshop. (Shown is a Pan figure, bottom, with his owl familiar perched on his head.) As you can see, the goal is to adjust the images as one would a portrait study of a person, to bring out their best qualities. Enjoy!™

Camera Options

Can use cell phone or point-and-shoot

Advantages: take it with you. A good starting point. Gets orbs due to low infra-red correction.

Disadvantages: cannot enlarge. Cannot isolate

Good camera

Can use film but not as subtle technology, can’t see right away, expensive

Digital – can shoot repeatedly, refined technology, can process in computer photo programs, can sometimes see in camera what got


Digital Camera Settings

Automatic ok, or aperture priority. But best when use manual so can adjust depth

Adjust your point of view to isolate image against background. Shoot from different points of view

F8 good for details yet isolates image against background. Can go to F5 if a very flat image. F11 is as high as should go

Use image stabilization setting

Use fast shutter speed. Use appropriate ISO – if hand held, use 400 – 800

Tripod use good when can, to get steady


When to Photograph

Overcast day is the best. There are no strong shadows obscuring the details.

Early morning or early evening, when the shadows are softer and longer, can add drama

Anytime you are out. You can scout an area, take sample photos, and decide when the light would be best. You are doing a photo study.


Where to Photograph

Your own yard

Some place you always feel good when you visit

Local preserve or park


Your Energy Matters Most

Be respectful, in your heart, and open to new concepts

Pause when you arrive at the site and greet the presiding nature deva

Ask permission to photograph in the deva’s realm.

Explain your purpose – why you want to see the figures. Note: this should be for a high purpose, and of service to earth

Be alert for anything pulling you to one place or another, even if it is off the beaten path or you “think” it is not of interest

When you arrive at the site, stop and identify with the energies the nature spirits want you to see.

Converse with the nature spirit, appreciate it, let it know you want to take it’s photograph, and request it come forward so you can photograph the spirit.


Developing the Image

Use a photo program – Photoshop the best

Goal is to enhance the image without losing the consciousness and integrity of the energy

Start with as good an image as you can. Then enhance.

Print on a decent printer, with good photo paper



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