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The interaction between humans and nature is profound, and each affects the other. Last week I demonstrated this with images of forked trees from Fabyan Preserve – the location of a tuning fork factory. This week I’d like to show you some of the large number of third eye and portal trees located on the campus of Swarthmore College, in Swarthmore, PA – my alma mater. The renown Scott Arboretum is housed throughout the campus, and nature and academia freely intermingle.

20130609-_DSC1673-2This academically-challenging, social activism college seriously values the importance of the mind, and of intellectual development. It is, then, small wonder that there predominates on this campus numerous trees that manifest this approach to life on earth.

There are an unusual number of trees with powerful eye configurations on the Swarthmore College campus, because the third eye is the energetic seat of intellectual knowledge. There are also an unusual number of trees with well-developed holes or portals, because the college trains its students to break with ordinary preconceptions and explore new approaches to all fields of knowledge.  On an energetic level, this means travel between dimensions – or travel through portals and gateways. The trees therefore sometimes manifest a portal eye (for seeing), and sometimes a mouth (for speaking what is learned).

Compare the natural growth of these trees to the forked trees at Fabyan Preserve, and you will understand how different energies manifest different results.

I’d like to share information about this interaction of nature and humans, and invite you to attend ISIC’s public summer workshop, on earth energies, being offered on Sunday, July 21 at Fabyan Preserve, Geneva, IL. I don’t have the opportunity to teach as much as I’d like, due to time constraints, so this is a rare opportunity for you to learn how to energetically connect to and discern the spirit of nature that exists around us all the time. We’ll talk to the interdimensional life forms, take their photos, and share a communal lunch. Please join us if you feel called to do so; reservations required.

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