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Congratulations to Caroline Robitaille of Montreal, Canada – winner of our January nature image contest – “Abstract Art in Nature.”

First Place - Rock Patterns - Caroline Robitaille

First Place – Rock Patterns – Caroline Robitaille

Caroline tells us “I’ve always been fascinated by rocks as long as I can remember, I love to sit with them, talk to them, meditate with them. I feel a very strong connection to the Spirit World of Rocks. Most of my pictures were taken along the beach in Maine and some in the beautiful mountains of Vermont. “

Caroline took first place with Rock Patterns. She wins a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life!

Maine Coast - Aurora Winkler

Maine Coast – Aurora Winkler

Second Place win is Aurora Winkler with a coastal Maine photograph of abstract designs. (However, as I pointed out to her, there are actually two dragons living in her “abstract designs.” She responded:

“Very cool! I hadn’t seen that before but the dragon keeps coming around for me lately!” )

It is always interesting to me how people are attracted to specific energies that they find beautiful or helpful…even if they don’t understand why, or are not even aware of the nature of the energy…still they are attracted to that object!

Third place went to Caroline Robitaille for her image of rocks in water.

Underwater Designs - Caroline Robitaille

Underwater Designs – Caroline Robitaille






February’s contest is a computer geek’s topic – take a nature scene and manipulate it in computer to create an abstract work of art. Send us – – the original image and the manipulated image. Shown here is a chrysocolla I manipulated.

This fun contest is open through the last day of February 2018 and winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life, Plus they have

Spirit of Chrysocolla

SPIRIT OF CHRYSOCOLLA – An abstract image of a chrysocolla specimen

chrysocolla abstract-simplify

chrysocolla turned into an abstract painting via Topaz

Chrysocolla - Card

The original specimen

their image published in a blog, a newsletter and in Crystal Life’s Public Art Gallery.

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