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Honorable Mention - Monkey Spirit

Honorable Mention 2012 – Monkey Spirit-A beautifully shot photograph of leaves in water, in which the river spirit chose to present itself. Taken by an experienced nature photographer who reports: “I can’t say I saw anything when taking the photograph other than the water and leaves set against the stone. When looking at the raw images later, it looked to me like there was a face of a monkey in the stone and water.”

April showers bring May flowers. So that is the theme of our April Contest – water beings. To celebrate the free flowing of water again – and maybe even in hopes of harnessing it a bit in the wild weather some of us are experiencing – let’s celebrate the nature spirits who live in the water realm. Water babies, undines, sylphs and mermaids are some of the spirits who can manifest in form. Other water spirits are less solid – they appear as faces fading into and out of form.

I met a community of sylphs who exist in the same frequency as the Blues – those beings of a parallel earth to our own who are gentler and more in tune with nature.  See below the best photo I’ve been able to take of them – their lovely, delicate yet strong high-rise structure rises out of the middle of this small Illinois lake. This complex structure is crystalline in appearance – like a grid of thin ice poles that is also supple in movement. I’m curious if any of you can see them as well?

lake with sylphs










Some of our members have a close connection to the mermaid world, and we may even coax some of them to share their experiences and those of their children….?

Here are other water-related images that have been sent in to us, over the years.


Honorable Mention 2013 – Ocean Heart – Rachel Levine. Rachel tells us: “I took this photo in early August while in Stonington, Maine. This is a picture of the algae in the Atlantic Ocean that naturally formed in the shape of a heart. “

Water Spirit | Colorado

Water Spirit | Colorado. Here’s an water spirit I photographed – he looks a bit grumpy because his little home had been invaded by hundreds of tourists all day long!

Post your own images to our closed Facebook Nature Spirit Group (head on over and join!) or you can submit them to photos@crystal-life.com. The water spirit contest runs from April 1 through April 30 and winners will be announced the following Tuesday. The winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life and their image will be featured in a blog and on-line in our Nature Spirit Group.

1st Place - Mary Grid by Iny Weese

MARY GRID by Iny Weese. lst Place 2015.
Iny felt a sense of urgency to come to this nature spot. She states, “There was a sense of urgency in wanting to be there ‘yesterday’ which for me usually means something special will happen. There was a tree on the point that reached out to touch me (no other way to describe it), and I was invited to touch and the power and energy in the spot was amazing, for unknown reasons there were tears rolling down my cheeks. There was some sadness and joy. I am not gifted enough to know what was being transmitted.”
What Iny captured on her excursion was an energy portal releasing feminine energy on the earth’s surface. These magenta portals are slowly activating around the globe. It is the reappearance of the feminine in all her power, glory and force, for the good of the earth. Some people call these Mary grids; others goddess grids, it is the same force that is showing.

There is still time to submit photos for the March Contest, which ends midnight March 31st. This month’s contest is spirits who live around civic structures. Again, either post to our Nature Spirit group or send to us at photos@crystal-life.com!

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