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Congratulations to Marcia Johnson, whose image of Tree Spirits at Place won our Crystal Life November Nature Spirit Photo Contest.

Marcia Johnson - Tree Spirits at Play

Marcia Johnson – Tree Spirits at Play

Marcia found these friends at play in the forest preserve in Wauconda, Illinois. From the looks of the fruit scattered about, this collection of tree trunks collectively form an Osage Orange tree. This tree received its name from its connection to the Osage Nation, which like many nations in the Americas – and later Colonial Pioneers – used the wood for stout bows and arrows, tool handles, and as protective hedges. A root/water concoction was used by the Comanches to treat eye conditions and some feel the fruit is an insect repellent. You can read more about the valuable contributions of the Osage Orange at Wikipedia.

So this tree is a community tree. One of its straight branches lies horizontally across the collective – and gives the ensemble the look of a nature spirit flute player performing, surrounded by friends enjoying and dancing to his music.

For her first place win, Marcia receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life.

Marcia Johnson is a frequent contributor to our contests. Here are some of her other images:

Marcia Johnson - Angel Spirit

Marcia Johnson – Angel Spirit

Johnson Tusked Being

3rd Place – October – Marcia Johnson – Tusked Beast