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Our media director, Tracy Paddy, has a very close connection to the nature people. Images of nature spirits just pop up for her whenever she goes on the web. Here are some she’s found for the rest of us at Crystal Life to enjoy….
Ancient Trees of Britain - 2



Ancient and Sacred Trees of Britain is a Facebook group Tracy likes – being an Irish lass she has a special affinity for the British Isles. Here is a tree recently posted there that the poster referred to as an Ent. I can see that!

Ancient Trees of Britain - 1











Another place Tracy finds a lot of good nature spirit images is on National Park and State Park sites, and on nature photo sites. Folks and the professionals at the Park service are very in tune with nature, and their energy is so in sync that their photos show nature spirits – although usually they are unaware of this situation.

Lake Superior Photo

Photo Credit: Lake Superior Photo

Here’s one Tracy found on Lake Superior Photo’s Facebook page. She sees a photo of Yoda at this beach site. 


















It’s fun finding these photos of nature spirits peaking out at us in ordinary places where thousands of folks have taken photographs….Let us know if you find anything in your travels around the web.