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Born into a family of Indigos and souls who associate closely with the nature realm, our home life and free time was spent sharing experiences that were in appreciation of nature. Each season brought different travels, different spaces, and different traditions.   In Christmas Tree SpiritsDecember, one tradition was spending a day out looking for the perfect Christmas tree. We would trudge through inches of powdery snow and end our day out with a trip to a favorite local restaurant for a hearty meal and hot cocoa.

At a young age, the sacrificing of the tree never really sat well with me. We’d passed many lots with pre-cut Christmas trees on our journey to the tree farm. I always worried they’d all find a home.

Now that I’m an adult with three Crystal children of my own, our tradition is to get a pre-cut tree.  It’s quite the experience for us, an Indigo with three Crystals in tow, as we move through the different types of trees. We hear the trees and the elementals who reside within them as we walk through the tree lots. We say hello, compliment the trees on their beauty and vitality, and listen to their tales.  They talk of their journey, their friends nearby, and the fact that they’re excited to become someone’s Christmas tree.

Yes, you read correctly, the trees are conscious of what is happening to them. They are very excited to possibly be chosen to go into a home, or outside a home, and to be decorated for the season. Every year, as we leave the tree lot, many goodbyes are exchanged and well-wishes are shared among the forest friends. It’s quite moving to hear the various voices of the trees. You cannot help but to love them and hope that those who are left behind will find a home before the holiday.

It’s with great excitement and joy that the tree is welcomed into our home. Last year our tree was Frances, but in other years we’ve had a Tony and a Juan, a Samantha and a Chandra – the list is long and full of much love and blessings. We’re always lucky that our tree comes with fairies or pixies. One year they were so thick in a tree, its branches would shake with the laughter of the pixies after they had successfully teased one of the family pets.  Two years ago we were not only aware of the tree but of the guardians of the tree. This was an interesting experience for us, however,  it was also a pleasant way to expand our awareness of the relationships in nature that we as humans never consider.

We become quite close to our tree friends. They’ve sung to us in happiness, they have greeted us every morning as we groggily move about the house, and they’ve taken absolute joy in being a part of our household. This bond, this blessing among friends, had caused quite a quandary for us.  It seemed wrong to strip their decorations off, and then leave a beloved member of our family at the side of the road.

We speak to the trees, we tell them what our city does with trees that are done with their path as Christmas trees, and to my surprise, they were fine with being useful as mulch and to have a life-supporting other plants. Yet, the idea of removing them from the home and leaving them curbside still greatly upsets us, and so we formed another plan. Each year, after we take the tree down, we once again strap it to the top of our car and drive to a wooded area where we can let it continue to be in nature with the elements. It may become a home for an animal, or perhaps the various nature spirits would make a home within its branches. In returning the tree to the wood, we were assuring our friends another chapter in their life, a chapter that may have been a possibility if they’d fallen over in the wood they came from.

These endings for us are bittersweet. We are a family who would welcome having trees stay forever in our home, alive and remaining a vital part of our daily life. Instead, we give thanks often when they are in our home for all the wonderful qualities they bring, and when we return them to the wood, we shed many tears as we say thank you, whisper I love you’s sincerely and our friends say them in return.

As humans with elemental origins, the benefits of having a live tree in our home for a month far out weighs any negatives.  We love these trees, and we feel that adopting one is like adopting a pet from the local pound. Yes, the time together is too short, but the memories and blessings stay in our hearts forever. We’ve also taken up the tradition of having new trees planted by the Arbor Day Foundation. Planting one small tree cannot make up for the oxygen production and CO2 absorption of our holiday tree friend, so we buy one in the name of each family member. We can even choose the forest they are planted, which lets us take part in reforesting parts of America!

If you are a Crystal, or an Indigo or have youth who are Rainbows or Crystals, they too may have the same concerns that I once had or they may sense the trees and their energies. Respect their perceptions and help them to accept that these trees are enthusiastic partners in the holidays, and good friends to be made and to be loved.

This article was originally written in 2012.

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