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April in the Northern Hemisphere is that time when the feminine pro-creative forces are awakening for the year. Send us your images of the feminine energies in nature. This is a fun contest and one for sharing as well with others in our nature-friendly community. Send your photograph – we prefer a .jpg with a maximum of 1000px long side – to  The winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life and their image appears in our social media and monthly Nature Spirits Newsletter. Your entries are automatically entered into our annual contest. You can send a maximum of five images in one month.

Here are some feminine images to inspire you…

2014 - Mary Grid by Iny Weese

2014 – Mary Grid by Iny Weese

Back in 2014, our annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest was won by Iny Weese with her image of a Mary Grid. These grids were appearing around the earth at that time, as the feminine power began solidly grounding. We are seeing the manifestation of that grounding today, with the many different women’s groups coming forward to support women’s rights.

Mary wrote: “There was a sense of urgency in wanting to be there ‘yesterday’ which for me usually means something special will happen. There was a tree on the point that reached out to touch me (no other way to describe it), and I was invited to touch and the power and energy in the spot was amazing, for unknown reasons there were tears rolling down my cheeks. There was some sadness and joy. I am not gifted enough to know what was being transmitted.” 

I myself (Atala) have been gifted with meeting a number of Ladies of the Forest – those elevated Lady of the Forest with Baby Birdspirits who travel between spirit and matter, bringing forth life and watching over its return to the spirit realm. This is one of my favorites – notice her heart-shaped face and the baby bird she is birthing forth.

The feminine energy in nature is very strong, and manifests in many images from the shy maiden to the powerful Lady of the Forest. This energy also manifests as portals, vortexes and energy grids of many kinds. The current power of the women’s movements of many sorts in the U.S. and around the world are well anchored in the energies expressed in the more subtle spirit realms. All are part of the new age of spiritual wisdom that is struggling to realize its destined arrival on our earth.

Share your feminine nature experiences with all of us in our nature-aware community!

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