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It’s a wonderful New Year, filled with the hope of new birth…and a leaving behind of what was, for many of us, a very difficult and contentious 2018.

To many of us in the energy community, 2019 is the Year of Community. It’s a year when we are focusing on acceptance, communication, and commitment to kind living. Recent world events have focused our attention on acceptance/rejection, community/isolationism. 

Oriental Philosopher

Oriental Philosopher

Most of us are working hard to understand the life style and consciousness of others so that we can understand, accept and embrace while not being diminished ourselves. This, for some of us, also carries over to other dimensions and other realms of existence. We are aware that life exists outside our human frequency…and it is well past time for us to start paying attention to this truth. We want to be aware of the universe around us – a universe that frequently interacts with us. It pays off in the long run to accept this reality – and to learn to visibly see it.

January’s Nature Spirit Photo Contest Is…

So this is our Nature Spirit Photo Contest for the month of January. Send us a photo of some nature being you have encountered, and include the interdimensional conversation  you had with the being. This could be a knowing, a feeling or an actual communication.

Some members of our community are also artists. So if you would like to pair your photograph with a drawing or sculpture of what you saw – please do so. If you have worked with your photo in a photo processing program, that is also acceptable. Contest entries are not for drawings or sculptures by themselves – but are for ones accompanying photographs.

The winner of the month’s challenge receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life, and we’ll publish your photos and story as a blog. 

We invite you to join us in our Nature Spirit Community, which resides on Facebook. But we’d appreciate your sending the photo you wish to submit separately as well to  And if you enjoy reading our blogs – please sign up in the address bar below, to receive our blogs in your in-box.

The Cedar Oriental Philosopher

Here is my story for January. It is a photo I took of a 6″ tall distinguished oriental philosopher. I was on a photographic retreat at The Clearing, Jens Jensen’s Folk School in Wisconsin. I was focused on a magnificent large raven that had formed from the roots of a cedar tree. But as I was doing so, I heard a voice saying “Pick me, pick me.” I looked over in the voice’s direction but there was “nothing there” except an ancient cedar stump, cradled under one of the raven’s wings. So, being intent on the raven, I turned away.

Then the voice called again…and again…talk about a nag! So I finally surrendered and went looking for what it could be. It was a dark, drizzling day and the area of the voice was hard to see. So I surrendered, got down on my knees (= wet jeans), and took a closer look. And I was stunned into energetic silence. There was this absolutely exquisitely detailed, very dignified oriental gentleman. He was only 6″ tall in my world – but in his, he was very tall and regal. 

We had a brief conversation and he conveyed to me the interconnection of the raven, the stump, and the Council Ring nearby that these august nature spirits were protecting. And I worked hard to get a good photograph of him.

Then – once back home – I wanted to convey his majesty in an attractive manner. I’ve been experimenting using textures, to transfer these nature photos into art pieces that would look good on someone’s living room wall. It’s my own honoring of these important earth neighbors of ours. I hope you enjoy him! You can see more of my nature spirit photography in my Atala Toy Art Gallery.

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