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lst - Steve Norrie

lst – Steve Norrie

Congratulations to our down under photographer friend Steve Norrie. This Aussie has won again! He took this very interesting photograph and neither he nor we can explain exactly what type of energy he captured – but he sure has the knack to capture interesting interdimensional forms! Steve wins a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life and his image is featured in our social media!


In the close up below: the brightest figure in the upper right of Steve’s photo looks remarkably like the ancient aboriginal wall paintings of sky people seen in Australia, New Zealand and the American Southwest! Was this a visit? 

lst - Steve Norrie-close up

lst – Steve Norrie-close up

Fremont Petroglyphs

Here are the sky people in the Fremont Petroglyphs, Utah













It was very hard to choose a winner this month, and we ultimately went for the unusual – Steve’s photograph. But the other submissions this month are so interesting we are sharing some of them as well.

2nd - Lisa Clark - Longview-Library

2nd – Lisa Clark – Tree at Longview Library, Illinois

Kelli Pehan - Sitting tree spirit

Kelli Pehan – Tree spirit sitting on the fence at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Colleen Jones - Orbs

This photo was taken in Woodruff, S Carolina, near a Civil War site. The orbs are hanging around what Colleen Jones describes as a portal! Nice definition in the orbs!

Nancy Kazuyo - angel in clouds

Nancy Kazuyo tells us: I took this picture on the way to the Mt.Rainier, WA. It was beautiful sunny day a few days after Thanksgiving. I found a rainbow colors cloud looked like a smiling angel face from the side (bright yellow part is the said face and other color parts are her hair).

Marcia Johnson - Labyrinth

Marcia Johnson tells us: Several years ago while on a walk in Sedona there was a singing tree in front of a beautiful labyrinth.

Vida Poskuviene - Orbs

Several of these orbs have interesting interior construction! Sent in by Vida Poskuviene

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