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The ability to communicate across a broad reach of frequencies. That is referred to by mainstream society in many ways – psychic, occult, spiritual, animal whisperer, genius, interdimensional communicator, science fiction… It has in recent history been seen by some as an oddity, as imagination, as dangerous, as imbalanced. gaia tv

On the other hand,  it is seen by those with these extended abilities as a very normal method of existence that humanity will eventually evolve up to. Once your perceptions begin to expand, you start understanding the vast variety of life forms and energy in the universe…and all the potentials that involves.

It has been difficult to find information on the types of topics that interest people with extended perceptions. But with the advent of the internet and of YouTube we are beginning to have objective documentaries and programs on the nature of consciousness. And there is an entire internet tv realm where we can acquire information of many kinds. It is called Gaia TV – 

So here I wanted to let our audience know about this extremely informative site. There is a small monthly or annual fee. It is worth it! Whether you want to watch Deepak Chopra, David Wilcock, Michael Tellinger, Rodney Yee…or see “What the Bleep Do We Know” again…you can find it here. Thousands of titles ranging from Ancient Civilizations to yoga, seeking truth, meditation, sacred geometry, mandalas, conspiracy….the best of the best is somewhere in its library. The only issue you’ll have is locating where these gems are sitting!

While they cover all the components that make communication with nature spirits possible – they are a bit light on the nature spirit category…for that, please visit our Crystal Life Technology YouTube channel.