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Congratulations to Sarah Wish for her photograph of an Earth Mother, taken at Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Forest, Illinois. Her photograph won Crystal Life’s July Nature Spirit Photo Contest. The July contest was to send us a photograph of a spirit being you found while traveling through a Park or Recreation Area. It was wonderful to receive so many submissions, and the volume of entries made us realise all over again how essential and valuable it is to preserve special locations as cultural heritage sites for the health and richness of our earth.

We love the detail in the winning photograph – you can really see the rock spirit’s personality! Like many well-developed rock images, there are images of beings inside images. Just like many a painting of Earth Mothers, this Wisewoman has several beings in her hair.

Sarah tells us that  “I’m a nature enthusiast who loves to travel. Nature resets me and helps me silence myself to reconnect with the universe. I am especially drawn to trees and rocks. They hold much information…. 

“In June, I took an impromptu trip by myself to Garden of the Gods in the Shawnee National Forest. As soon as I arrived, I saw the most beautiful deer crossing the road in front of me, which told me the 6hr drive was going to totally be worth it. I started on my hike up the Garden of the Gods trail and became emotional as I overlooked all these beautiful rock formations that would be my playground for the moment. I climbed up almost every one I could connecting with each one before I decided to hike through the forest away from the main attractions. I can only describe my experience there as like I was called to be there among those spirits that day. Each of the rocks pulled me to them and I was overwhelmed with joy the whole time. I’m glad that you are able to see what I saw in the rocks and I can share my experience.”















Sarah has a real talent for connecting to nature spirits, and the other photos she submitted for the contest are excellent as well. She tells us: “In April, I Sarah Wish - Gorillatraveled from California into Oregon and Washington checking out many parks and hikes with my boyfriend. The Redwoods was my favorite from that trip. The serenity and massiveness completely left me in awe. While playing hide and go seek in the redwoods, this tree that I saw as a gorilla stuck out to me as a giant that definitely belonged there. He must have liked our playfulness.”




It was a hard decision this month, and we want to recognize two other photographs that were submitted.

This wonderful nature spirit, left, was photographed by Hans Klemmer at the Samburu National Game Reserve in Kenya, on a trip he was pleased to have taken last month.

And this tree (right) was photographed by Everardo Gonzalez who tells us: “This picture was taken in my first walk on Sunken Meadow Park, located in Long Island New York, after reading the book “We Are Not Alone” by Atala Toy. In the picture I see a couple of robins (I have seen these birds all over the park). The male is in front and the female is behind the male a bit above.”  

Sarah won a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life.

Our August contest is focused on orb photography – you can read more about it in our last Monday blog. Send photos to  All photos are automatically entered into our annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest, which concludes for 2018 on September 15. 

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