Rune Reading | November 29 through December 6

Rune Reading 11/28This week’s rune is Berkana. This is a rune of birthing and new beginnings. Set aside anything that isn’t working. Bring new projects and ideas to the forefront. As the New Year approaches, be prepared to increase in knowledge and inspiration. 

Animal totems to call upon to help you at this time: Eagle, hawk, horse, and snake. 

Affirmation for the week

I am open to new beginnings at all levels. 


Crystals can help you manage this energy with more ease. Here are my choices for the week. 

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye creates mental balance and helps you to be open to new beginnings. 


Sodalite Wand

Sodalite Wand

This gypsum helps you to see the bigger picture and connect to higher consciousness. Selenite also helps you to break through blockages that may be disrupting your connection to your Divine helpers.  


A stone of transformation and insight, malachite helps you to see what you must work through to move forward. It also connects you deeply to mother earth. 


This lovely blue stone calms the mind, which allows your intuition and insight to flow more freely. Sodalite also helps with self-esteem and self-trust. 

This week I pulled from the Rune Oracle, but you may use Gemstone Runes to do your readings. Curious about Runes? Learn about Runes with one of these excellent books

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