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Rune Reading | December 5 – December 12

This week’s rune is DAGAZ. Dagaz refers to the light of day. It is also the rune of Divine Light. As with last weeks rune, it is now a time to begin with the intent to start the New Year with your personal goal in motion. Where the points of Dagaz meet (see above image) is the focal point of your future. 

Power animals which work well with this energy: Wolf, Raven, Horse, Eagle

Rune Reading OracleRune Affirmation

I am totally centered on my path and purpose


Crystals can help you manage this energy with more ease. Here are my choices for the week. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli balances and harmonizes deep inner knowing. Lapis encourages you to take control of your own life and to see the bigger picture. 


Amazonite balances the masculine & feminine energies we all carry with us. It grounds everyday reality and harmonizes aspects of the personality. It helps you to see all sides of a problem and to take different points of view into consideration. 


Sodalite allows information from the higher mind to merge with the physical mind. This stone helps you to release control mechanisms that hold you back from being who you truly are. Enhances self-esteem, self-trust, and self-acceptance. 

This week I pulled from the Rune Oracle, but you may use Gemstone Runes to do your readings. Curious about Runes? Learn about Runes with one of these excellent books

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