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It is an ancient tradition in some Native American nations to use a found rock for a vision quest. This is our June Nature Spirit Photo Theme. 

Love From The WoodsThis month’s nature spirit photo quest works as follows: 

Go for a walk about – in your own backyard, in a woodland or canyon or prairie or parkland setting – some place that has stones. Posit a sincere request to the universe (or to Nature, or one of your own guides) to provide you with a stone that will give you insight into some question you are struggling with, or would like some clarity on. And in this case – a situation you feel comfortable sharing with others.

Take a few minutes to consider your question – it needs to be specific, clear and unambiguous. It could be something like “please help me understand my relationship with my friend xxxxx” or “I need to be  happier, please show me how to do so” or (this one you might want to keep private) “My (partner/child/parent) and I are having problems. Show me the situation and solution.”

Then start walking, looking at the ground. This part might happen right away or take a bit of time. You will be walking and looking around for a stone with the answer to your query. Suddenly something will “pop out” extra bright and shiny or extra alive with energy. Go over and pick up that stone. Find a quiet place nearby to sit or stand, and study the stone. Hold it in your hands. Relax and connect to the energy of the stone. Thank it and start slowly rotating it in different directions. Slowly – or suddenly – images will appear in the stone. If you listen and observe carefully – the images start to make sense, and unfold answers to the sincere question you have posed. Sit with those answers, absorb them, understand the energy involved. When you are satisfied you understand – you can either return the stone to the earth in that location, or you can bring it home with you as a grounding for the energy you are going to work with to solve your situation.

In our case this month – be sure to bring along your cell phone or camera and take some photos of the stone – ones that show the story. Then post them to our Nature Spirits Group on Facebook – or email them to photos@crystal-life.com

The person with the best combination of stone and story will be our June winner. Their photos will be posted as the cover for our group, a blog written about their image, and they will receive a $50 gift certificate to use on our website, crystal-life.com

Here’s a vision rock gifted me when I went on a walk seeking to understand the situation of my relationship with a person who was being very gruff with me. I was attracted to this rock and turned it over and over, and twisted it about, until the image of a life form grumbling, with down-turned mouth, presented itself (left). I thought, “Yes, this is just how I feel inside when talking with this person.”

Two aspects of a person









Then spirit told me to keep looking, so I turned the rock some more, and saw the second image – the person, spirit said, was really just like a puppy dog, tongue hanging out, who wanted desperately to be liked (right side). I sat for awhile and came to understand that the person really was being gruff to protect themself, and if I was kind, they could relax and we could relate well.

friendly nature spirit

friendly nature spirit

Here is a rock I found when I went for a walk in the woods and was feeling very lonely. I picked up this stone and turned it about and found the face of a loving nature spirit. “Cheer up,” spirit said. “You are surrounded by many friends” (meaning all the nature spirits of the woods). The image is of a loving, kind nature spirit!

The very top image in this post is of a rock the nature spirits presented me when I was leaving Estes Park, Colorado and was saying good-bye to my rock friends. When I looked down, I saw they had gifted me with a rock heart. I felt it important to leave the rock there, for I was also leaving part of my heart with them.

So…head on out and find your own story and post it on our Nature Spirits community.

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