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Change – Unakite Necklace with Maroon Bead


Unakite – the stone of change – is combined with the maroon crystal catalyst bead, which protects while helping energy fields adjust to needed change.

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Unakite Necklace with Maroon Bead

You can combine the maroon bead with any of our 15″ or 16″ necklaces.

September 2017 Staff Favorite

I’ve always found September to be an unsettled month – there are so many changes going on, from start of school to the ending of summer and moving into fall. My favorite piece of jewelry at this time is unakite with a maroon catalyst bead. The unakite soothes the body’s electrical system, and helps with change. The maroon catalyst bead is specially crafted to help the body shift between forces/energies. This combination allows me to flow with the change instead of closing down in the face of change. Atala

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