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Turquoise Necklaces – 18″ & 20″ – Strength


These turquoise necklaces help strengthen the body, assimilate nutrients, relieve depression, clear electromagnetic smog. Turquoise is a classic, very powerful shaman’s stone that provides protection, prosperity, good luck.


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You can wear your turquoise necklace strung on gentle silk or on tough flexible steel cord. These are 18″ or 20″ long and USA handcrafted by Crystal Life of high quality 6 mm turquoise beads.

This high energy turquoise gemstone therapy jewelry is cleared and energized before shipping. Choose either: High Energy: this jewelry is strung on 100% silk cord; it provides you with a high energy experience. Tough Love: this jewelry is strung on flexible steel cord and is a good choice for wearing during athletics or for beach wear. Both styles use sterling silver closures.

Turquoise energy brings in the blessings of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, male & female. Useful for the solar plexus, heart, throat & third eye chakras.

You can learn how crystals work, and how to care for them, in our library

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