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Turquoise Pendant – Cross – 1/2″


This Turquoise Cross Pendant offer the energy of prosperity, protection, good luck and intuition. The green/blue color of turquoise indicates its energy: it harmonizes sky and earth, bringing the blessings of heaven and earth, spirit and matter. Wear a turquoise pendant when you are needing a soft community stone that helps the wearer to locate creative solutions to issues. This gemstone is healing to whole body, protects from negativity and also acts as a buffer to electronic pollution. These turquoise crosses have equal length arms – balancing in all directions.

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Turquoise Cross Pendant  


Turquoise provides protection, prosperity, good luck, intuition. Brings blessings of heaven and earth, spirit and matter. Finds creative solutions to issues. Healing to whole body, protects from negativity, electronic pollution.

Turquoise comes in different colors, depending upon where it was mined. Tibetan turquoise, also called Chinese Turquoise, usually has a black matrix moving through it. Arizona Turquoise and Mexican Turquoise usually does not.

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