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Bloodstone – Tumbled


Bloodstone is an excellent grounding shield against bullying and other threatening situations. Bloodstone clams the mind, dispels concussion, and helps with the decision making process. 


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Tumbled Bloodstone

Bloodstone has been a vital stone in the history of human beings for centuries. Mined for over 5,000 years, bloodstone has been prized as a jewelry, cups, insignias, as a talisman, and for it’s “magical” properties. These magical properties included invisibility, healing a nose bleed, controlling the weather, and preserving health and youth. 

Bloodstone Folklore | History

Also known as blood jasper and heliotrope. 

Bloodstone Pendant

Believed to control the weather and banish evil by the ancients. 

Called the Stone of Babylon by Alexander the Great.

Ancient magicians believed bloodstone could make them invisible. 

Because of the red flecks of blood, for a time bloodstone was called, “Christ’s Stone.”

Bloodstone Geology

Bloodstone can be classified as a quartz or a chalcedony, but is actually a combination of the two. 

Bloodstone Chakra Association 

Base, Sacral, Higher Heart

Cleanses and aligns the lower chakras.

Bloodstone Classic Mala

Bloodstone Prayer Beads

Astrological Association

Aries, Pisces


Cleanse in by running through incense or smudge smoke, place on brown rice, run through non-tap water.


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