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Torus – Peaceful Balance Pendant


This Torus – Peaceful Balance Pendant is part of our Stand Tall series.The Torus stimulates healthy movement of the human energy field. It is topped with a cream-colored ceramic catalyst bead that resonantly projects the frequency of peace.

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Torus – Peaceful Balance Pendant

This Peace Balance Pendant was designed by Atala Toy and handcrafted specifically for our Crystal Life Community by our own local energy artisans.

The cream-colored ceramic bead sits on top of our own handcrafted sacred geometry pendant, the geometry printed on a white-coated metal pendant approximately 1 1/4″ diameter. The ceramic bead is a ceramic catalyst specially formed and handcrafted by ceramic scientists/healers based on ancient Egyptian faiance. It projects a field of peaceful frequency, which permeates your body and aura (thus positively affecting those around you.)

Your body autonomically resonates with sacred geometry, and it assists in balancing your personal energy field.  The geometry in this piece is a Torus. The torus is a powerful piece of sacred geometry that depicts the steady flow of energy throughout an individual’s body, working through the central channel, from spirit to matter and back again. The torus is a powerful clearing and centering form with applications from metaphysics to physics. Its central form is the seed of life, from which the flower of life emerges. The form depicts energy in action and as such it shows the energetic shape of our human life form, which is continually cycling energy in a closed circuit between polarities such as spirit and matter. The Torus travels through the human central channel, activating and clearing all our chakras.

This is a limited edition pendant. It is part of our Stand Tall series. The Stand Tall series honors the universal ideal of respect for each individual – weaknesses and strengths, the inner compelling urge to grow in beauty and perfection. Stand Tall supports you as you strive to face and conquer your own personal issues, and stand strong to confront any abuse directed to you, for whatever reason, by other people. Self-knowledge, self-respect and a strong, balanced energy field are powerful aids for each individual. This series of energy jewelry strives to contribute energetically to the wearer’s personal efforts.

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