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Torus Pendant | Change


The Torus – Change! Pendant  is part of our Stand Tall series.The Torus stimulates healthy movement of the human energy field. It is topped with a maroon catalyst bead that helps you adapt to change, and help from nature via a soft-energy wood rondel.

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Torus – Change! Pendant

This gentle assistance for change was designed by Atala Toy and handcrafted specifically for our Crystal Life Community by our own local energy artisans.

The Torus is a powerful piece of sacred geometry that depicts the steady flow of energy throughout an individual’s body, working through the central channel, from spirit to matter and back again. Your body autonomically resonates with sacred geometry, and it assists in balancing your personal energy field. We’ve added a special maroon catalyst bead, uniquely handcrafted by healers from special clays, that helps loosen “locked in” energy so that you can stay light on your feet and adapt with the changes that you are encountering. The dark brown wood rondel brings the gentle, yielding support of the tree world, which has learned how to adapt to all “weather” changes to survive.

This is a limited edition pendant. It is part of our Stand Tall series. The Stand Tall series honors the universal ideal of respect for each individual – weaknesses and strengths, the inner compelling urge to grow in beauty and perfection. Stand Tall supports you as you strive to face and conquer your own personal issues, and stand strong to confront any abuse directed to you, for whatever reason, by other people. Self-knowledge, self-respect and a strong, balanced energy field are powerful aids for each individual. This series of energy jewelry strives to contribute energetically to the wearer’s personal efforts.


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