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Throat Chakra Card


This Throat Chakra Card is the visual representation of the throat chakra. The Throat Chakra is also known as the Vishuddha Chakra (”With Purity”) and the Fifth Chakra. It is the body’s communication center. All forms of art are expressed through this center. It is a mild center that doesn’t interfere with other centers, and other centers leave it alone.

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Throat Chakra Card

Tap into your communication spirit and make yourself heard! Send this Throat Chakra card to a friend, use it as the base of a sacred geometry grid, or make it the focal point of your next mediation practice!

This 5.25×5.25 card was designed by photographer Atala Toy.

Throat Chakra

Chakra Information

The throat chakra (or fifth or Vishuddha chakra) is the “communication center” of the spirit, located within the neck. Creative expression, divine connection, and voicing inner truths begins within this chakra. It is a gateway for both communication and listening, linking together the thyroid, mouth, ears, and throat in the physical world and beyond.

At Crystal Life, we recommend stones that resonate with the innate strengths of the throat chakra. Angelite, Blue Kyanite, Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, and other blue stones are strong choices for working with throat chakra energy.

Outside of crystals, sage and eucalyptus are thought to resonate with this chakra. The element ether and the musical note G have also been linked to the throat chakra.

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