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Dala Horse Bracelets


Our  Dala Horse Bracelets celebrate the spirit of Sweden and the Swedes who founded the town in which our business resides. Nicely detailed ceramic Dala horse on stretch gemstone bracelet.


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Dala Horse Bracelets

Howlite | Yellow Calcite | Sodalite | Onyx

Dala History & Lore

The Swedish Dala Horse is a traditional symbol for the country of Sweden. It originated in cities and villages in Dalarna, in Central Sweden. Hand carved during the winters by men working in forests, they were given to small children when they returned home. This is when these wooden horse became treasures. Later, they were painting in the vivid colors and patterns of the Dalarna region that to take on the appearance we know today. Used as currency by traveling salesmen from Dalarna, and as a way for the poor to trade for food, over time the Dala Horse made it’s way throughout Sweden and became an authentic symbol for the entire country.

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