Dala Horse Bracelet – on Yellow Calcite


Yellow Calcite Swedish Dala Horse Bracelet celebrates the heritage of our store front town, Geneva, IL. Yellow Calcite is a stone which promotes self-confidence and hope. #shopgeneva


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Yellow Calcite Swedish Dala Horse Bracelet 

 Stretch bracelet with large 8mm beads and a white ceramic dala horse.

Yellow Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Yellow Calcite offers joyful self-awareness. Clears then amplifies the clearing. Releases joy into the energy field. Helps you remember your own perfection, inwardly and of the body’s energy.

Note: Crystal Life calls this color calcite “yellow” because it resonates with the solar plexus chakra. Others call this color “orange calcite.”

The crystal world spirits initiated contact with me, requesting I inform others about the importance of unakite and yellow calcite to help alleviate the energetic turmoil taking place in the world right now.

Yellow calcite, they explained, helps pull out the energetic debris that is exploding into the earth consciousness right now and for which most humans have little defense, not having been trained and not having experienced before the sheer quantity of earth changes as are occurring now.

And yellow calcite infuses this clearing with joy, for yellow calcite has a very strong connection to the solar plexus – the source of our “I”s contentment and self-fulfilment.

When you energetically remove something, you always want to replace it with something positive; otherwise there is a void, and any energy wandering by can simply move in and occupy that space!

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