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Star of David Bracelet – Ruby Fuschite


This Star of David Bracelet has delicate Ruby Fuschite gemstone beads. Ruby Fuschite is a passionate stone combining the powerful stimulating effects of ruby with the soft intuitive awareness and balancing effects of fuschite. Helps with awareness & solutions to issues.

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Star of David Bracelet – Ruby Fuschite

Merkabah Pendant - Star of David - Silver 5/8"Our Star of David Bracelet – Ruby Fuschite is hand-crafted with 6 mm A Grade ruby fuschite gemstone beads on stretch cord, making it easy to slip on and off.

Ruby Fuschite Metaphysical Properties

Ruby Fuschite brings together the energies of ruby and fuschite and creates a synergy that is more than the sum of the parts! Having both properties of ruby and fuschite, it also has properties that are unique unto itself.

Ruby fuschite is known to balance stimulation with intuition, making it a great stone for psychic work in a very powerful way. It can also bring a great deal of awareness of problems of all kinds whether emotional stress, social issues, lifestyle or physical health, and use this awareness to find solutions. It is also said to help the wearer understand love at a higher level. Ruby fuschite is said to be helpful when used in groups of multiple stones for crystal healing to amplify the healing energies of the stones.

Learn more about Ruby Fuschite in our Information Center.

Care & Other Information

All gemstones are unique and special. Variation in color and inclusions are natural and to be expected.

All pieces are hand chosen by Atala for their high vibration and quality. Do not immerse in water. Remove while bathing, swimming, and showering. 

Bathe in full moonlight regularly to energize crystals. Cleanse regularly by placing on a piece of selenite or by moving through the smoke of sage. Honor your jewelry by removing it daily, allowing it to rest.

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