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Rudraksha & Quartz Prayer Beads Mala – Medium


This Rudraksha Seed and Clear Quartz combination is an Ayurvedic remedy for removing energy blockages and balancing the body’s health. It is sometimes called a Shiva/Shakti prayer bead mala because it balances the masculine and feminine energies in your body.

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Rudraksha & Quartz Prayer Beads Mala – Medium

Our Rudraksha & Quartz Prayer Beads Mala – Medium is hand-crafted with 6 mm beads and is excellent for Ayurvedic Balance.

Rudraksha Seed Metaphysical Properties

Rudraksha Seed helps you to open your chakras and begin healing your body mind. It is believed to contain the secrets and history of the cosmos.

Learn more about Rudraksha Seed in our Information Center

How to use Prayer Bead Malas

Prayer beads help you focus on the meaning of your prayer, or mantra, rather than having to keep track of the number of repetitions. You can use prayer beads to chant an affirmation, prayer or mantra. Chants include love, wisdom, joy, peace and the names of God.

You may chant your intent out loud and fast to ground it in your physical body, or silently and slowly to inwardly enter this energy. Eventually, you will be able to sit in silence and enter directly into the energy of your intent.

How to hold a mala

When working with a mala, it is usual to rotate the beads between two fingers. Most usually the thumb rotates the bead as it is perched between the index and middle fingers. This is the classic position for counting prayers on a mala. Notice how the index finger is positioned to hold the prayer beads in place, rotating across the middle finger

Every time a mantra is completed, the thumb moves the bead clockwise, until you arrive at the large focal bead. This bead, also known as the guru, meru or guide bead, is the large bead that holds the garland together. It signifies the guiding energy of your discipline, or of your current prayer. Out of respect for this energy, you do not continue by moving over the guide bead, but reverse the garland in your hand and continue on.

When you wear or carry the prayer beads, it resonates your intent inside its circle. When worn around the neck or on the wrist, this includes the main energy flows of your body. Some like to keep the prayer beads in a small bag, on a shrine, or by the bed.

One exercise is to chant your intent six rounds, increase one round a day until you reach eleven rounds, then decrease back to six rounds. If you are sincere in your chanting, by the end of this period you will have made significant progress entering into the world of your intent.

When you wish to change your chant, mentally clear your beads or pass them through the smoke from incense.

Care & Other Information

All Malas are unique and special, variation in color and inclusions in the gemstones and seeds are natural. Please take off when swimming, showering, and during hot yoga as water can damage the silk used to string the mala. Bathe in moonlight regularly to energize. Pass through incense or smudge smoke to cleanse.

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