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Ruby Star Hexagons


Ruby star hexagons are earth stones. They energize and activate the mental and emotional body. Ruby enhances self-confidence and your passion for life. It is a protective heart stone that eliminates feelings of hopelessness and defeat. The hexagon shape amplifies the metaphysical properties of ruby. 


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Ruby Star Hexagons

Ruby is known for enhancing the heart’s strength. Ruby provides you with the energies of optimism and determination (great for the business and school world). It is a stone for courage, helping ease anxiety as it brings adventure and opportunities into your life. Use Ruby when you are needing strength and change. Helps to strengthen your resolve, permitting one to rise above victimhood to standing tall in your own power. 

Ruby History and Lore

Royals such as Queen Elizabeth I of England and Queen Mary of Scots wore rubies as a tool for protection. It was believed that rubies would darken (dim) if they were in danger.  During Elizabeth’s claim to the throne and reign over England, she had many assassination threats from groups. Even Queen Elizabeth’s cousin Mary wanted her dead. That is one reason why rubies can be found on the crowns of Royals.

Ancient warriors wore rubies to make them invincible in battle.

Rubies were the most desired gems of European royalty and the upper classes. Medieval Europeans wore rubies to obtain good protection, wealth, wisdom, and success.


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