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Rhodonite Pendant – Rod, Square 1/2″


Rhodonite Rod Pendants can help bring emotional balance, allowing you to see and promote the loving oneness that lies behind all. Rhodonite stimulates, clears and activates the heart chakra; it clears emotional wounds and permits forgiveness.

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Rhodonite Pendant | Square Rod | 1/2″

Rhodonite Metaphysical Properties

Known as a stone that nurtures love, rhodonite helps to heal wounds, shocks, and traumas from relationships, while helping you to learn to love yourself, improve your self-confidence, and move forward with positivity and forgiveness. Rhodonite has a supportive energy. Can be used to help heal past life betrayals and abandonment. Promotes unselfish love, forgiveness, and activates the pineal gland.

Rhodonite Chakra Correspondence

Heart, High Heart, Heart Seed, Solar Plexus.

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